WP Simple Pay Pro v4.2.1

A really nice plugin. Easy to set up. Great for donation module. The free version just allow 1$ payment, this one allow free amount by the donator. Infortunatly they doubled the price and it’s a per year cost.
Of course, if you can, buy it, developpers can earn their life, so do it. But if like us, you just need a donation boost that makes less than the cost per year.. just enjoy.

It should be simple to accept payments and run your business online. There are many situations in which you don’t need a sophisticated store, cart or checkout process. You just need a simple payment form. Keep it simple with WP Simple Pay.

In just a few steps, you can be up and running in no time. For free! There is no charge for WP Simple Pay. There will just be the Stripe per-transaction fees which vary by country. See Stripes Pricing page for more information.

Simply set up a payment form and start accepting credit cards on your WordPress site.

WP Simple Pay is a standalone payments plugin that connects Stripe with WordPress. Since it’s not an add-on, no other plugins are required.

It’s no secret that we believe Stripe is the best payment processor. Stripe currently supports 14 languages, over 35 countries and 135+ currencies.