WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards v2.2.0

Are you looking for an automated system which provides points to the customers even on Sign Up?
Send the happiness to your loyal customers on Sign Ups, Product Purchase, Reviews over Product and lot more.
Customers will get the rewards for their collected points for buying the product from your stores for up to 100% discounts. This plugin lets customers grab their points and allow them to exchange them with Coupons.
WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards attract customers by rewarding them with points. The customers can convert these points to coupon and apply discounts on the cart.
This system enables you with a whole lot of features listed as:

  • Assign Product Points
  • Return/Deduct Points
  • Referral Points
  • Minimum Referrals Required
  • Sign Up Points
  • Comments Points
  • Per Product Purchase Points
  • Redeem Points Conversion
  • Coupon Generation
  • Minimum Points Required For Generating Coupon
  • Custom Conversion
  • Individual Use
  • Coupon Length
  • Coupon Expiry
  • Coupon Usage
  • Points Table
  • Front End Points Tab
  • Front End Points Tab
  • Per Dollar Spent Points
  • Bulk Product Points
  • Points log feature
  • Social Media Share
  • Referral Points
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Field denoting your points
  • Enter Ways to Gain Points
  • Referral Purchase Point Feature
  • Only Referral Points are Assigned
  • Purchase Products through Points
  • Membership Feature
  • Membership Expiration
  • Restriction on Product Purchase Through Point
  • Widgets

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