WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA v3.1.2

This extension is an all in one solution for all your refund process and replaces a default process which doesn’t provide any option to better communicate with the customer and handle refund requests.
Is your limited refund process drying up your customers away due to hectic and complex methods?

We just came with a unique and ultimate solution which would make whole refund process smooth and simple, which would eventually save your customer at every possible point.

Refund and exchange system allow users to submit product refund request or exchange request. The whole process goes under a dedicated mailing system which would keep both parties on the same note and at my point of time store owner and the buyer can make adjustments accordingly.

Multiple order status is created for refund and exchange process as refund-requested, refund-approved, refund-canceled, exchange-requested, exchange-approve, exchange-canceled. As refund and exchange process run order status is changed.

When a customer sends a refund request for an order product then order status become Refund Requested, when a product refund request is approved then order status become refund approved and when product refund request is canceled then order status become refund canceled.

When a customer sends an exchange request for an order, product then order status become an Exchange Requested when a product exchange request is approved, then order status become Exchange approved and when the product exchange request is canceled then order status become an exchange canceled.

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