ROI – Multipurpose Creative Dashboard Admin Template

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Powerful Dashboard Admin Template

Dashboard admin template provides useful assistance in managing your website. It allows you to keep an eye on statistics and data. With the help of admin templates, you can keep an eye on your website and edit it. And with such a tool it will be really easy for you to work with big pieces of data or other information. That’s why such templates are getting more and more popular.

To help you simplify and organize your website management routines, we have designed ROI dashboard admin template. It is based on our immense experience in web development. Moreover, it takes into account the freshest web design trends. This template is also loaded with dozens of useful elements and plugins that can improve your website management experience.

A Wide Set of Impressive Features

Among the main features, there is a package managing with NPM or Bower. These tools can manage a lot for you. They can deal with frameworks, libraries, assets, and utilities. And that will make manging your site a lot simpler. It has a responsive layout with Bootstrap 4 too. And you will see that developers used a fully component approach to code. If you need to, you can also compile HTML and CSS by Pug or Sass. Besides, these awesome features, this dashboard admin template has:

  1. Content Editors;
  2. Image Tools;
  3. Input Plugins;
  4. Cross-browser Support;
  5. Responsive Layout;
  6. A Variety of Elements.

We are sure that ROI dashboard admin template has a lot for your website. It includes 80+ components, 60+ pages and 20+ ready-made pages. You can use all of the listed elements to create a structure and design that will suit your business perfectly. You can also use a huge set of plugins and layouts. And you can do it directly with ROI. And if you want to make your website more intuitive then you can add or replace UI elements.

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