JetFormBuilder – Save Form Progress Addon v1.0.0

Secure form progress from being lost​

Save Form Progress is a JetFormBuilder addon that automatically saves the form progress if there are any interruptions. It’s a browser-specific addon, which works for both logged-in users and visitors. By enabling just one toggle called Save Form Progress, you become able to secure the job application, order, support request, event registration, survey, request a quote, and other form types.

Local Storage for form values​

Saving the form values to Local Storages means the form progress will be stored in the browser and linked to the form ID.


Calculation results can be pre-saved and further updated according to the data inputted in the form fields.

Triggered conditions​

The addon implies saving the triggered form conditions, which comply with the data inserted in the form fields.

Active steps in multi-step forms​

The completed steps will remain visible on the progress bar if the form was abandoned.

Uploaded media files​

The addon saves all media files attached to the form prior to its interruption.

Autocomplete fields​

Saves the data in the Select field (Select Autocomplete addon) and addresses (Address Autocomplete addon).