Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon v4.3

Add your Gravity Forms data to Google Spreadsheets whenever user submits a form on your site.

You can add it to any number of forms on your site with no restrictions.

Submitted data is added as a new row in the select sheet within Spreadsheet, allows mapping to form fields to sheet headers so that only selective data is added to sheet.

– NEW v2.0: Sync existing entries data to your sheet.
-Option to select the Spreadsheet to which new row of data will be appended.
-Option to select the Sheet within Spreadsheet.
-Option to map form fields with Sheet headers.
-Use on any number of forms.
-Different forms can send data to different sheets.
-Use Conditions on fields to send data only if set conditions are met.
-Option to send data only if payment is received.
-Highly Secure, No third party connection to send data to sheet.