e-ProForm Actions – e-Addons for Elementor 1.2

You will be able to generate personalized messages and manage redirects.
You will be the master in managing the collected data by deciding where to save them. You will be able to transform them into email content, spreadsheets, messages.
You can even decide by yourself what will happen.

  • Action Reorder
  • Login
  • Reset Password
  • Message
  • Custom Javascript
  • Custom PHP Script
  • Send Telegram
  • Send data to remote Server
  • Add Comment
  • Site Option
  • Add Term
  • Register User
  • Create Post
  • Save to Custom DB
  • Cookie
  • Advanced Email Template
  • Spreadsheet
  • Multi redirect

Note please it needs nulled e-addons-for-elementor (provided) to work properly.