Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash v2.19

Cleaner Styles, Out of the Box
Every line of LearnDash CSS has been rewritten.

  • Profile page & registered courses
  • Course content for lessons, topics & quizzes
  • Quiz timer, progress & results
  • Consistent, modern buttons
  • Updated SVG icons
  • Quiz statistics popup, progress bars & more

80+ Options in the Customizer

  • 24 options for the LearnDash Course Grid add-on
  • 19 options for the Course Navigation Widget
  • Show/Hide various course features
  • Custom URL for “Edit Profile” link
  • Custom correct/incorrect colors
  • Striped, animated, rounded & square progress bars
  • Primary & secondary button colors
  • Enable/Disable the “Expand/Collapse” feature
  • Customize borders & background colors on course content lists
  • Show/Hide profile info & quizzes on [ld_profile]output
  • Read below for even more features…

Course Grid Design

  • Improved spacing for up to 6 columns
  • Equal height grid items & no more weird spacing or floating issues
  • Custom borders, shadows & square or rounded corners
  • Hover effects including shadow, lift & enlarge
  • Full-width buttons
  • 4 different types of ribbon colors (paid courses, free courses, already enrolled & custom ribbons)
  • Course category dropdown styles, including width, background color, border radius & padding

Course Navigation Widget

  • Show all topics (remove expandable arrows)
  • Text, background & hover colors
  • Highlight the current lesson/topic
  • Add space between each lesson
  • Control indentation for lessons, topics & quizzes
  • Customize or remove line separators
  • Hide “Return to Course” link
  • Remove the status checkmark icons

Custom Progress Bars

  • Choose your container & bar color
  • Rectangular or rounded corners
  • Adjust the bar height
  • Add stripes or choose a custom color
  • Add a smooth animation on each page load
  • Display “X of Y steps completed”