AAM Complete Package – Complete List of All Premium AAM Extensions in One Bundle 6.8.0

Plus Package: Complete and Total Content Control
Advanced Access Manager prides itself on providing website administrators with fine-tuned control and unparalleled flexibility. Plus Package adds a new, deeper layer of customization to all the features you already love on the free version.
Plus Package allows you to manage access to posts, pages, media, custom post types, categories, and taxonomies for any role, individual user, or visitor. On top of that, you can define sitewide default access for everybody that interacts with your site on the frontend, backend, or API level.
“You can spend days searching for the right solution or you can get AAM and find exactly what you need; otherwise your money back guaranteed.”

  • Manage access to hierarchical taxonomies;
  • Manage access to tags;
  • Manage access to related posts for any term;
  • Manage access to child posts for any hierarchical post type;
  • Extend Access Policy with additional resources;
  • Define default access to all posts;
  • Define default access to all terms;
  • Ability to group media into categories;
  • Ability to group pages into categories;
  • Define wildcard access to your website;

* any post, page, media or custom post type are collectively called posts

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