[4.14.2] Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin Nulled v.4.14.1

Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. That’s why this Pinterest Automatic plugin was written , which will automatically attach images from your posts to pinterest.com. Just install and forget about your Pinterest account, as Pinterest Automatic will do all the pinning work for you.

Key Features

Pin unlimited number of images: Pinterest Automatic can pin from one image to all images from the posts directly to your Pinterest account.

Bulk Pin: Posts can be queued for pinning in bulk. Select the desired posts, and the plugin will pin them one by one according to the set schedule. Number of images to pin per post can be set from one to all.

Automatic Images detection: Pinterest Automatic auto-detects images from your post then list them, where you can decide which images should be pinned.

Automatic boards detection: Pinterest Automatic will auto-detect boards in your Pinterest account so that you can choose which board you want to pin images to.

Queuing System: The Plugin queues images that are eligible for pinning in the queue and pin them separated by a random interval. That allows the pinning of an unlimited number of images without any problem.

Auto-link pins to your post: All pins are directly hyperlinked to your posts, so once any Pinterest user clicks on the pin, it redirects him to your post on your site. Pin link can still be a fixed set link or a link from a custom field. The image can also be uploaded without a link back like images uploaded from the computer.

Default pin text and pin board: You can set a default pin text or a default pinboard where all pins will be pinned, so you don’t need to enter text every-time

Supported Tags : 9 Tags can be used in the pin text, where each tag will be replaced with it’s equivalent value from the pinned post.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin Nulled 4.14.1 Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/pinterest-automatic-pin-wordpress-plugin/2203314

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin Nulled 4.14.1 Download:


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