[2.7.15] MediaCenter Nulled – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme Nulled v.2.7.14

Before updating to v2.x: Please read this general guide: http://transvelo.com/how-to-safely-update-from-mediacenter-v1-x-to-v2-x/

Important Announcement : Before updating to 2.0.0, please make sure you backup your files. Please read this guide : http://transvelo.com/mediacenter-v2-0-0/

Updating via Envato Toolkit from 1.x to 2.x, the theme name has been changed from Media Center to MediaCenter in keeping with WP standards. This means that Envato Toolkit fails to recognize the theme as being installed. You will most likely get a folder already exists error. To avoid this, please backup all your theme files manually. Once you have backedup, remove the mediacenter folder completely and upload the new unzipped mediacenter folder. This will make sure that folders are replaced instead of being merged. If you are updating from 2.x to 2.x, you can use Envato Toolkit.

Since v2.5.0 Product Brands and Labels taxonomies are migrated to product attributes. Please read this guide: http://transvelo.github.io/docs/mediacenter/setting_up_the_theme/migrate_brands_and_labels.html

Since v2.1.0 The theme is compatible with ECWID. Please take a look at the demo of ECWID here : http://demo2.transvelo.in/mediacenter-ecwid/. Here is more documentation on ECWID Integration: http://transvelo.github.io/docs/mediacenter/ecwid/README.html

Since v2.0.0 PSD files have been removed from the downloaded package. However it is available on request. This is to keep the file size low and provide faster updates

MediaCenter – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme Nulled Demo


MediaCenter Nulled – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme 2.7.13 Download

MediaCenter Nulled – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme 2.7.14 Download

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